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We passionately believe in the power of PE, Sport and physical activity to improve lives.  We design, create and deliver innovative educational programmes that maximise the power of movement to improve wellness.  Our team comprises of highly qualified and experienced PE teachers, Primary Teachers, Sports Coaches and Sport Development professionals, plus exceptional design and admin support.  We are a people centred and values-based organisation. We aim to build a connection, understanding and partnership with our customers.  We want to work with like-minded people and organisations to support everyone to build healthy active futures. If you are passionate about the role PE, School Sport and Physical Activity can play in whole child development and improving lives then we can make a real difference together!

  • PE Support Services
  • Active Curriculum
  • Physical Activity Programmes
  • Health and Wellbeing Programmes
  • Personal Development Programmes
  • PE Apprenticeships
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All staff are highly knowledgeable, skilled and passionate and inspire us all.

Genuine people who passionately want to help others feel happier and healthier.

Our children are learning good habits for life and are happier, healthier and ready to learn.