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Learnful is a virtual school that helps schools and their communities transform mental & emotional health through daily, empowering mindfulness and wellbeing practices. 

It equips children, teachers and school families to notice, nurture and prioritise their mental health and emotional well-being so they can live and learn with more happiness and ease. 


  • Primary School Membership 
  • Short Courses & Online Training 

Company Representative

“I cannot recommend Jo enough. Every single child and staff member feels the benefit of practising ‘noticing’ every day. Her work is vital to surviving and succeeding in this very complex and complicated world.” 

Headteacher at Redlands Community Primary School 


“Jo, I have told you on a couple of occassions how your mindfulness classroom activities are making a difference to my children and it has been one of the best interventions purchased by the school. Words cannot describe the joy in my little girl when she instantly feels better when using one of your techniques that you teach them. She has her top 5 favourites that have the most incredible impact on her. It should be standard practice in every school. Thank you x”

Kerrie, parent. 


“It’s helped me to understand that my emotions are normal. They come and visit for a bit then they go. ” 

Year 4 child