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Level Up Mental Health Training specialise in providing high quality courses to increase awareness of mental health issues.  We work with schools to improve knowledge of the issues that affect both teachers’ and students’ mental health.  We are approved to deliver the Mental Health First Aid England courses.  We have a wealth of experience in working with people who have experienced mental illness, attachment issues, and neurodiversity, and we are happy to create bespoke training for your organisation around any of these subjects.  We believe that by creating spaces where people feel understood and supported we can help them to achieve their best. 

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  • Peer support training for young people
  • Training for parents
  • Training for teachers to support students
  • Training in supporting staff with mental health issues
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The course and materials were invaluable! Thank you so much to Cheryl and Debbie - they were fantastic! I deal with mental Ill health both in my professional and personal life on a daily basis, and this course has given me the confidence to keep going, knowing I am doing the right thing. My knowledge and understanding has increased, and my thought process improved.This is one of the best training courses I have come across in 12+ years of supporting children, young people and families.