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Otem uses AI machine learning and biometric authentication to verify the identities of your customers/users and employees. Otem simplifies onboarding processes and delivers secure digital identity verification results. Providing real time updates and notifications so that you can carry out checks to meet compliance obligations.
Secure automation and digital identity verification can protect your organisation against identity fraud risks and reputational damage.

Meet regulatory and compliance requirements with sector specific checks

Detect fraudulent use of ID and document tampering

Education, Health & Social Care sector organisations can register for free account.

Start initiating digital identity verification checks for employees and customers/users from your organisation’s dashboard and share a link with your candidate to verify their identity using any smart mobile device, PC/Laptop

Key product/service:
Establish user identity, proof of address/residence and employment status using government issued ID and other official documents such as bank/credit card statements and utility bills

Remote verification
Digitally verify and onboard your personnel and customers/users

Document verification
Verify passports, government issued ID cards, driving licences, Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs), visas and over 4,000 other document types from over 150 countries in real-time

  • Verify authenticity of global ID documents from more than 150+countries
  • Match photo ID with selfies, and validate

Biometric Authentication
Otem uses facial recognition technology and liveness detection to secure against identity theft

Right to Work/Employment check
Enhanced due diligence when checking for right to work status and eliminate the risks of employing individuals who are not permitted to work

GDPR Compliant
Our tech enabled solutions are GDPR compliant by design. We have embedded the GDPR framework in every aspect of our solution giving you complete confidence and assurance.

Otem enables you to confirm the identity of your employees, customers and users to prevent fraud, streamline risk operations, increase trust and safety and meet compliance requirements.

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