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Purplemoon ‘enables educators to excel’ through supervision or coaching sessions, whole school staff wellbeing projects and workshops/seminars for key leaders or the whole school staff. Jenny worked in the primary sector for over 20 years, as a senior leader for 9 years, a SENDCo for 12 years and the safeguarding lead for 15 years. She is accredited in clinical supervision by the APT as well as being a leadership coach. She is pursuing her passion for ensuring all SENDCo’s, DSL’s, school leaders and headteachers have a positive wellbeing and are fully supported to be the best they can be. 


  • Delivering 1:1 Clinical Supervision  
  • Delivering 1:1 Leadership Coaching (at all levels)  
  • Facilitating and leading workshops, seminars and CPD for all staff  
  • Facilitating and delivering whole school staff wellbeing projects  

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'Jenny was invaluable in helping me reflect, understand and process the challenges in front of me whilst helping me stay aligned to my vision and values. The space she created was calm, insightful and incredibly supportive.' Educator, trainer and School advisor

'Thank you for being able to reflect back to me what I have said in a way that is thought-provoking and enabled me to see a way through....Supervision helped to share a load and work through to a solution with a professional that understands' Headteacher, southwest England

'It was extremely easy to engage in the coaching sessions, they made me feel relaxed. They were non-judgemental and gave me space to process and think' Anon.