Take Your Marks


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Founded in 2017, Take Your Marks was born out of a conversation between 2 former PE teachers about the need to support physical activity in schools. Since then, the focus has shifted to supporting holistic wellbeing in education and leadership development. However, we remain true to our founding principles, so every time a new partner invests in our services, we gift our primary school physical activity app to a school in an area of deprivation. 

  • Wellbeing Auditing
  • Bespoke Staff, Pupil and Whole Learning Community Wellbeing Apps
  • Leadership Training and Development Programmes
  • Pupil and Staff Wellbeing training and development including:
    • Resilience
    • Stress and Anxiety
    • Workload management 
    • Habit Forming
    • Mindset
Company Representative

Wellbeing / Training “I would say work with Take Your Marks with an open mind and you’ll take away some very simple but life changing habits. We’ve done a lot of work around change in the past, but Alan really drilled down into why we wanted to make positive changes to our health, explained the process and gave us the skills and tools to make them sustainable. I’d recommend Take Your Marks to anyone looking to make a positive contribution to health and wellbeing in their school.” Headteacher, Perth & Kinross Council