The Education Suppliers Collective are a network of ethical, quality assured business professionals who have a shared goal of supporting each of our respective businesses to deliver choice and excellence to the education sector.

The idea sprung from a chance conversation between members over zoom during lockdown. The issues facing smaller businesses who have limited sales and marketing budgets in a competitive marketplace were highlighted and that these smaller businesses could support each other to provide opportunities that may have otherwise not been possible. Fast forward a few months and the Education Suppliers Collective was borne.

The Education Suppliers Collective are made up of members from all different sectors, from websites to mindfulness and software to governance. There have been many successes made possible by collaboration and a shared goal. Many of our members are small businesses or skilled individuals who have the capabilities and ethical qualities to deliver an amazing service to the education sector but lack the marketing budgets to make an impact.

Through regular networking, one to one sessions with other Members and shared marketing activity and advice, the ESC is now reaping large rewards in the few short months of its inception.

We are looking to grow substantially by acquiring more Members to the ESC but only those who meet the necessary quality and ethical values will be able to join.

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